Balinit Alcrona Pro

• Very high wear resistance and excellent hot hardness.
• Ideal for materials over 48 Rc.
• Greatly increases tool life and speeds and feeds in high Rockwell materials.

AlTiN-Alumiinum Titanium Nitride

• Offers superior performance for a range of metal machining applications.
• Can be run at more aggressive speeds and feeds and with lower amounts of coolant.
• The best coating for tough to cut material.

TiCN-Titanium Carbon Nitride

• Best for use when cutting non-ferrous, cast iron and aluminum.
• Great for abrasive material machining.

TiN-Titanium Nitride

• General purpose coating; good for wide range of applications.
• Will improve speeds and feeds as well as tool life.
• High anti-adhesion ability.